New Year’s Eve In New York


Spending New Year’s Eve in New York is one of the best ways to ring in a new year and a new decade in 2020! Everyone knows that the Times Square New Year’s celebrations are some of the biggest and the best in the world and we have to say we agree! We have had a look and we want to share some of our top tips and tricks if you plan on spending the evening in Times Square and also some alternative options should you wish to ring in the new year elswhere!

Our Top Tips For New Years Eve in Times Square

If you want a prime spot for all of the performances, it is recommended that you get there by noon. If you’re heading to Times Square after 3pm, we recommend entering from the north. As the ball drops at the southern end, the area fills up from the bottom which means it’s a lot busier! Don’t forget you can only access Times Square from Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue only on New Year’s Eve.

What time do the festivities start? Well, at 6pm, the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball is raised to the top of the pole at One Times Square. Shortly after, the Times Square Alliance sanitation crew usually distribute thousands of party favors, including hats, glasses, noisemakers - so make sure you don’t miss out and join in the fun. The live, televised show and performances start at 8pm.

If you need any additional help to organise your trip to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, just ask any of our team who will be happy to help.

Watch The Fireworks

When the clock strikes 12, the New York skyline is lit up with numerous fireworks! We want to make sure you have the best view of the cities spectacular firework displays, so we have put together a list of where to watch them

  1. Times Square - join the crowds for one of New York’s biggest events
  2. Spend the evening in Central Park - They are set off from Cherry Hill, Bow Bridge and the Belvedere Castle
  3. Brooklyn Bridge - look back at the city as the famous skyline is lit up with some of the best fireworks

If heading out into the cold this New Years Eve isn’t for you, don’t forget to join us at The Fitz Bar or The Wheeltapper Pub, our team will be making sure all of our guests are set and ready for the evening’s festivities and if you’re joining us for midnight - we’ll be happy to provide each guest with a glass of bubbly to toast to the New Year!

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